Website Introduction Video Event March 31!

Okay, I have already mentioned the benefits of having video on your website. I have also mentioned how necessary it is to have a website introduction video. Do you have one yet? No? Well, now is the time to take action.

I am hosting a video event on March 31st, 2012, and I will be filming people’s website introduction videos. Why should you come?

  • You don’t have to try to mesh your busy schedule with another very busy individual (most people in my profession). I have rented the studio for the entire day, and I’m guaranteeing your time slot.
  • Additionally, you have 30 minutes to say your 1-2 minute pitch. This way, you don’t have to worry about scheduling a massive block of time. This also allows for plenty of do-overs and practice. Speaking of practice…
  • I will have a speaking consultant on-hand to go over your pitch before the date. We’ll be able to make you sound to the point and professional.
  • At $99, the cost is easy to budget. For most shooting days like this, you would end up paying three times that amount just to be able to cover the costs of the studio, equipment, cinematographer, editor, and staff. Fortunately, I am able to bring many people in to one place, and this will keep the costs down considerably. For $99 you get the professionally-edited HD video, 30 minutes of camera-time, complete editing, and pitch consultation. Try finding a better deal!

All the filming will take place at Peak Media at 1393 S Inca St in Denver. Please register by emailing here as time slots are limited. You will receive follow-up information within 24 hours.

The 6 reasons you need an introduction video on your website

Once you have decided that a video on your website is right for you, next you should decide what type of video you need. Different video types can be useful in different situations, but there is one type that is always useful on any website. I am talking about a website introduction video. And here is why you need one:

  1. You instantly brand your name into the viewer’s mind. When you have a short website introduction on your site, your customer is instantly greeted, as if they were entering a shop. Their experience is personal. You also are able to imprint your name in their mind using more senses: both visually and audibly. This gives a different level of interaction than they might receive on other websites, and can make you feel like the better choice just because of this extra interaction.
  2. You portray your company in a positive light.  You are the face of the company. So, why not put the face of the company in front of your web traffic? This gives your brand someone to identify with. This is especially important when your business is built on trust, such as insurance agents, lawyers, and realtors.
  3. An introduction video is a call to action! Your introduction video should be geared to do three things: Brand your name in the customer’s mind, explain what you do, and get the customer to take further action. This last point is sometimes the most difficult, especially when dealing with a short attention span of the average internet user. With your introduction video, you can tell your customer what to do next on your website: where to browse, how to contact you, or what has been recently added. It adds another layer of personalization to your site.
  4. An introduction video is a better way to explain what you do. Like most websites, yours should have a synopsis of what you do on the front page. However, research has been done that states that most customers will avoid reading a large wall of text. Go to your website and look at your front page. Explain what you do in 30 seconds. This is your elevator pitch. This is exactly what people are going to your website to see. Fortunately, this can also be easily explained in your short introduction video.
  5. Customers are extremely likely to view a short video. I mentioned that the average internet user has a short attention span, especially when they are looking for basic information. So, how likely are they to view a short introduction video? The answer is extremely likely Source. When given a short video that explains what you do, over 80% will watch it. Especially if the video is under 3 minutes.
  6. Everyone else will have a video soon. 2012 has been proclaimed by many trends researchers as the year of the video. They have noticed that customers respond better to video than any other medium. Businesses everywhere have been watching these trends and are following suit. Your competition may already be putting out their video. Don’t you want to have your own video to greet your customers? Don’t be left behind, and get started with your own website introduction video.

If you are in the Denver Area, I am holding a workshop for creating your web introduction video. Click here for details.