Film Tip #4

Label your stuff.

This is especially important when you’re not the only one using your stuff, or when you’re not the only one with stingers and gaff tape. (Except BLUE gaff tape. Nobody wants that.)

I have a really bad habit of leaving stuff around. I bring somewhere around 20-30 bits of gear, and somehow one small thing that I wasn’t paying attention to was left at the scene of the shoot. Luckily, I’ve been able to recover it without any¬†repercussions.

Best Practice: get some cheap address labels and put all your info on them. Then, stick them everywhere. If you’re being cheap, white gaff tape will work. Just don’t forget to label the tape.


Film Tip #3

Get the right colored tape.

Here’s a fun story. So, I was going to the local film supply store the day before a shoot. I had a few items to pick up, but among them was black gaffer’s tape.

I go in the store, in a rush as usual, and grab some tape. Later that night on set I realize I accidentally grabbed this:

Stupid Dark Blue Tape.

When I should have got this:

Good All-Purpose Awesome black gaffer's tape.


When you’re working with a completely black background, things like that stand out. And because I have always needed black tape, and never dark blue, I am still stuck with the same roll. I guess the best lesson is don’t be in a hurry when buying color-specific tape.