The Muppets!

So, I saw a good movie yesterday, nay, a great movie.

So, I’m here in Washington on vacation, and I drag my sister and mom to the theater to watch it. I’ve grown up on the muppets, from Sesame Street, to their decades-old films, to watching The Muppet Christmas Carol last year in school. So, yes, I was excited before I went to the theater, and had high expectations.

But once I saw it, it fufilled all my expectations. The story mirrored what the actor/writer/director Jason Segel went through in getting the muppets back up and running.

And everything what just the way I remember:

The dance numbers

The celebrity guests

The drama between Kermit and everyone (okay, this one’s new. Kermit wasn’t his usual arm-flailing self. He gave up easily and was melancholy for most of the movie.)

The cameos of one-off characters that you would only notice because you watched all the movies.

Everything was pretty much awesome as a whole.

There’s perhaps one more reason that I enjoyed it. Muppets are at the critical point in their nostalgia curve. You hit the peak once the generation that grew up with you is in the 18-25 range, or has young kids that will enjoy them. (Graph to follow) The muppets are at the point that most of us that grew up with them have not seen them for enough time, that any scrap of what comes after is lauded.

In short, good movie, glad that a crucial piece from my childhood is back.