Review 1: Monsters vs Aliens

Wow, just wow. I should have picked somewhere else in the list.

Now, that movie wasn’t bad, it wasn’t good, it was…….predictable. It had the most generic plot ever. Girl gets superpowers, loses her whole¬†livelihood, then makes new weird friends while saving the world and getting used to her new powers. At least vary the plot a little. Don’t make every character have one gag or be a stereotype.

And do not get me started with the 3D. Yes, I saw this today, no it was not on my 52-inch HD 3d equipped TV. I don’t have one. Didn’t mean that the creators weren’t trying to poke me in the eyes with each action scene. This is how you make good 3D: Immerse us in a world where everything looks just as real as if it was here, not by shoving and throwing things at the camera and making bits the key focus point. I life for the day I can watch a 3D animated movie and they don’t clutter it up with gimmicks.

Well, this was supposed to be a review, not a rant. So here it is: While Monsters vs Aliens strove to be a heroic epic between good and evil while remaining funny, it instead became a pandering of actors and stereotypes mixed together. Take one scoop of A-list comedians, add Marvel plots, generic characters, and sprinkle in some bad 3D. Mix unevenly. May leave bad taste in mouth.


Next one should be better. I’m thinking 80’s…