What does an Assistant Director do?

If you sit through the credits of a movie, you’ll find hundreds of types of jobs that people do to create a film. The one I’m highlighting today is The Assistant Director.

The assistant director (AD) is one of those jobs that has many tasks, and is invaluable to the production. The assistant director is mostly charged with keeping people safe and ensuring that the production stays on schedule. They do this my wrangling actors, ensuring that crew are accounted for at all times, making sure the sets and stunts are safe, and keeping a close eye on the clock.

An assistant director is essentially the mom of the crew. It is a task that requires some hearty project management skills.  They are in charge of knowing where every person and inanimate object should be. They know what has happened, and what still needs to happen on set. crew members, directors, producers, and actors are all asking them for information, or being given information from them.

Unfortunately, this sometimes makes them the least favorite person on set. However, in an industry where time is literally money, they’re an invaluable part of the production crew. Whenever I have one on my crew, I always treat them with plenty of respect, and give them plenty of tools and authority to work with.