I’m back

So, after a year and a half hiatus, I’m back blogging.

So, what’s new? What’s changed? Lots really.

Video advertising has completely exploded, even more than I had expected. On the internet, it is now extremely common for you to see some form of video popup, an ad in the sidebar, and in front of YouTube videos. There’s even more real-life popups, at the register in Walmart and at gas stations. There are also many more professionals using videos to showcase their skills. Also increasing is people who are making video blogs.¬†YouTube has changed around a bit to be more friendly to these people who are creating content for themselves, via their video editor.Extremely short videos are now shared through Vine and Instagram, although I haven’t seen many business uses for it; although Rick and Morty released an episode via Instagram.

Colorado passed a bill that gave incentives to companies that create productions in the state. It’s been very successful, and they even increased the amount of money allotted for it, allowing even more films to be made locally here in Colorado.

For myself, I’ve been involved with many exciting productions. I helped create two trailers last year in Breckenridge, and this year I was the editor on a local cooking show. I’ve also been very active with the business community, creating several speaker videos, training programs, and commercials for friends and clients. It’s been very exciting.

Also, I’m writing a book.

So, stay tuned, and I’ll keep you up-to date with guidance on awesome video content.

Trevor Munson