Alamo Drafthouse Denver, and what it means to the colorado film industry

What is The Alamo Drafthouse?

The Alamo Drafthouse is a movie theater chain that originated in Austin, TX. Since they first opened in 1997, they have raised the bar for the moviegoing experience.

Why is the Alamo Drafthouse awesome?

They care about the experience. They have set up policies limiting the amount of people entering late, so you don’t miss the key opening scenes. They also limit toddlers and babies from screenings to keep the audience from being distracted. There is also a zero-tolerence poilcy against texting and using your phone during the screening. Overall, they ensure a distraction-free experience.

The Alamo Drafthouse also has higher-quality concessions. Their seating with tables allows you to have anything from popcorn, to wings, to pizza, giving you a great dining experience rather than bland theater food. Best of all, they have 32 taps of locally-brewed beer that you can drink in the theater.

The content of the movies is a unique hybrid. They do show the latest Hollywood blockbuster releases. They also have limited releases for indie and arthouse films that are limited release. Alamo also has special movie nights where you can see favorites from previous decades. Ever wanted to see Ghostbusters on the big screen, but you were born too late? This is the place to do that.


What will this mean for the film industry in Colorado?

Alamo Drafthouse will become a place where regualr moviegoers can evolve into sophisticates that put more value on the movies they watch. This location is also expected to be a place for premieres of local and blockbuster movies, further enticing more big-name production houses to come to Colorado and create movies. Lastly, The Alamo Drafthouse will urge other theaters to also increase their services, and begin showing a more varied set of films.


Alamo Drafthouse

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