Dead-on Acting

Sorry, I can’t refuse a pun.

One of my friends happens to be an amazing filmmaker, and had posted a joke yesterday about a class teaching how to act dead. I thought it was a riot.

Apparently, acting dead isn’t such a bad gig, so says the Wall Street Journal.

So I guess if you’re looking for any role, and nobody’s looking for actors, you can always play a dead body. Even get SAG-certified through it. Plus it’s fun to do gore makeup.

JawDrop Films on the radio!

Wednesday 4/4/12 at 11am I will be on MileHi Radio. I’ll be talking mostly about how I started my business, what I’m doing with it, how I’m trying to help people, and how video can help your business.

Listen online at I’ll post the link to the audio once we’re done.

Link to listen online: HERE.