Film Racing

Film Racing is the act of creating a film from inception to completion in a very limited time span. In essence, you have to write, cast, film, render, and deliver a finished film in about 24-48 hours. Expect no sleep.

However, these contests are a huge challenge that gives you valuable experience. Sometimes, you will have to make a video in a very short time span, and you want to know that you can do it. You will gain that confidence with one of these contests.

Below are some of the videos that I have completed during these film challenges within Unrendered Productions. Here, we completed the following videos:

First Dates

The Portal



And here are some links to the competitions:

The 48-Hour Film Project is an international project that tours around and gives filmmakers in different cities a chance to participate for a weekend.

The 24-Hour Film Race is a yearly race in several cities in the US. Additionally, they have a national race called the 100-Hour Film Racing Grand Prix, where you compete for 100 hours against several films within the nation.

The Mocksides 72-Hour Film Challenge is an event that is sponsored locally, where you compete for 72 hours. In 2012, they will be expanding to other cities within the US.


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