Mailing lists you should be on

Like with every industry, you have to stay current with what’s going on, lest you be swept behind by those who are more cutting edge than you. Somebody famous said that.

So, in this digital age, one good way is to sign up for email lists. But with so many lists floating around, how do you know which ones that are legitemate and won’t flood your inbox? I’m on two separate lists, and you should be too.

Cynopsys is a site that notifies you about all the happenings in the film industry. Want to know when Christopher Nolan was signed on to a movie? It’ll let you know. Need to know what series Discovery is optioning in 6 months? Got it. It’s great for giving you daily information about literally anything happening with movies, studios, and actors.

Withoutabox is a site that connects filmmakers to film festivals from around the world. You no longer have to go searching around the internet for a screening that’s nowhere near your target location. Even better is that the weekly email from Withoutabox notifies you about new festivals and festivals that are closing registration soon.

What are you waiting for? Go get educated!


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