Why Does a Small Business Need Video?

Why Does a Small Business Need Video?

Most small businesses look for good ways to promote themselves on their website. Ask yourself, “Is having a video on my website worth it?” The answer is a resounding yes!

First, most of the internet’s users are currently watching video. 70% of people on the internet visit some website with a video embedded in it. Youtube is now the number two search engine, complete with people searching for content that is educational, informative, and helpful.

Secondly, having a video online can boost your page ranking on Google. When you search Google, it automatically populates videos that relate to your search. Why settle for a low page ranking when you can rank on the front page?

Thirdly, most customers will stay on a website longer if there is a video. Without a video, they will stay an average of 52 seconds. With a video their interest is piqued, and will stay an average of 6 minutes, browsing your site and learning about your services. Video is more visually pleasing, and easier on the eyes than a massive wall of text.

Lastly, online video marketing is not a new idea. Most business owners think that they should do traditional advertising in print media such as a newspaper. However, with today’s new media, people spend more of their time online instead of looking at print media. Not to mention the cost of placing an ad in a newspaper, magazine, or even on a billboard or on TV. Once you create a video, you can post your video on any site and with any social networking tools that your business uses.

Online video is the new way for businesses to advertise. This media levels the playing field; small businesses can advertise using a video, and keep it on their website for a fraction of the cost that SEO, TV ads, and print media campaigns cost. And at ten times the effectiveness, your video stays up as long as you wish. Businesses can track exactly how many people visit their videos, and see how they are linked to their webpage.

The question remains: Do you want to increase your business and draw customers, or do you want to be left in the dust?




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