The Movies You Will Watch in Film School

If you spend at least a semester, or even a week at film school, there are some iconic movies that you will sit through, some more than once. Better yet, it is a great way to see movies that you just haven’t seen yet. Whether you’re just a movie buff, a filmmaker, or trying to learn things on your own, here is my list of movies you will see in film school:

Lola Rennt (Run Lola Run)

A classic from Germany, highlighting how color association can be used to illuminate important characters and objects. It was also shown to highlight how having multiple timelines going on at the same time can actually work and not be confusing.


This usually fills in for the film noir section. By the master of Noir himself, Alfred Hitchcock.

The Gold Rush (Or any Chaplin movie)

You have to see a silent movie. And generally, it’s Chaplin. But to get the most benefit, examine the differences between Chaplin, Lloyd, and Keaton.

Pulp Fiction

I saw this movie three times, and heard it mentioned a thousand more times. Mostly because my film school worshiped Tarantino. But in reality, this is a very good film that illustrates how to link unconnected characters together in a complicated story-line. Oh, and amazing dialogue.

Ask a filmmaker

No, not ask me. My ego isn’t that big. I’ve gotten an opportunity to talk with a few people in the industry The number one thing I am sure people are wondering is how do you get into the industry. I’ve asked the question to other directors, producers and DPs. Their answer is usually this:

“When someone above you asks for something, RUN to go get it. If you don’t know what you’re fetching, ask someone once you get there.”

Jump, and on your way up, ask how high.