Film Tips #1

I’m starting something new here. Someone in a random forum I frequent was asking for tips for his short film. So, I instantly gave him a ten-point list and invited him for more discussion. Then it dawned on me. This is what I need to share with the world. So here’s installment one of Film Tips.

Tip #1

Story is key. If you go out to shoot, have a plan of what you want to shoot. Make sure your shots line up with the story. In fact, carefully craft the story over time and make sure it is a good story. Read it and objectively ask yourself, “Is this crap?” Make someone else read it and ask them the same question.

Above all, make your story concise. I have seen too many student films that take 15 minutes to tell a story that could be summed up in 3. The longer the story drags on, the more your audience will wander.


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